jeudi 14 mai 2015

Children Of The Rivergod

"Children Of The Rivergod" is a book project I'm about to finish : I've been painting characters for the last few months and ended up with enough material to make this collection.

It features a selection of 42 good and evil spirits that dwell around a mythical river, and that occasionally interact with the people who live on the river banks ; plus some quotes, poems, rhymes and small melodies.

I'll keep this updated once the book is released.

hope you'll enjoy !

The Cover

A small selection of the Children

Some page layouts 

And some roughs and sketches

samedi 12 juillet 2014

Knights of the Round Table

Proposition pour la sélection de l'atelier de sérigrapgie  " Les Mains Sales " à Angoulême




Juillet - daily 30 min speed paintings

The Mountain
Army March
Poseidon of the red sea

Sad zombie/Alien Skull/Chimera

Guitar of mass destrucion/Dracula/Queen of whispers

Rain-bending man/Sci-fi snowboard/Wind wizard